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Sal Lizard

Sal LizardBorn in 1955, Sal grew up in Indianapolis during the turbulent years of the 1960s and early 1970s. In his teens and early twenties, Sal embraced the carefree life and culture of the hippie generation, hitchhiking his way back and forth across America, taking courses at a number of colleges and universities, seeing the sites, meeting new people, and living life to its fullest with pockets that were most of the time empty.

In his mid-twenties, Sal joined the U.S. Navy and saw a great deal of the world, getting to know even more people and experience a wondrous range of cultures and societies. During this time, Sal’s hair and beard began to turn completely white. But it wasn’t until he reached the age of 36 that Sal finally settled down, marrying a woman from Charleston, South Carolina with a four-year-old daughter, and finally turning his life from happy-go-lucky vagabond to responsible father, husband, and businessman. It is at this point in Sal’s life that Being Santa Claus begins.

For the past two decades, Sal has played Santa Claus in front of countless children and adults in a wide variety of venues from homes and offices to malls, parades, schools, hospitals, and even in a major Hollywood movie. During this time, Sal and his family have lived in South Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio, and now Georgia. Sal still plays Santa Claus every holiday season in New England and occasionally during the rest of the year in other locations.

Sal currently spends his non-Santa time acting in movies and producing small, independent films. He has appeared on "the big screen" in two major motion pictures as Santa. When he’s not appearing as Santa Claus in a shopping mall or photo studio, you might be able to catch one of Sal’s personal appearances on stage as a comic or at a number of horror conventions throughout the U.S. and Canada each year. Or if you’re very lucky, perhaps you’ll see Sal driving his red Chevy HHR "Santamobile" as he travels around the country spreading good cheer.

Jonathan Lane

Jon LaneBorn in 1967, Jonathan grew up in New York City and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology from Cornell University. But his life took many different roads from there.
He went on to study Graphic Design at Pratt Manhattan and then moved to southern California in 1993 to start a multimedia company with his brother David. One of the pioneers of Internet marketing on the World Wide Web, Jonathan helped design the first-ever online interactive children’s game for Disney’s Toy Story website in 1995. Later, Jonathan went on to be the Creative Director for Nestle’s Willy Wonka Candy Factory website for six years, designing over 40 interactive games, helping to write children’s content and lesson plans, answering Willy Wonka’s e-mail, and even providing the voice of Willy Wonka on the website itself.

Jonathan went on to do some interesting things in recent years. For Christmas of the year 2000, he took a trip to Antarctica (to give Santa Claus more of a challenge). He then started a small business selling his nature photography on greeting cards. For a while, Jonathan became a teacher of first through sixth grades, specializing in computer education.

But Jonathan’s biggest adventure began in September of 2010 when he and his wife Wendy adopted a newborn baby boy and brought him home to Los Angeles. In January of 2012, Sal came to visit southern California for a few weeks on business, and he stayed with Jonathan and his family. Their son Jayden, then 16 months old, had just started talking and took an immediate liking to their white-bearded house guest. Within a few days, Jayden was saying “Santa” even though he hadn’t yet said either “Mama” or “Dada”! True story.